Dr James Gillies, CERN
Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Olaf Lenz
Authoring and compilation of texts
Dr James Gillies, CERN
Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Design and implementation of the layout and format
Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Olaf Lenz
Mallard Decoy and Phyllis Ducque characters
Nina Paley
Duck illustrations and animations
Dr James Gillies, CERN
Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Olaf Lenz
Nina Paley
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The authors would like to acknowledge:

Prof. Erik Johansson of Stockholm University, who initiated the Hands-On- CERN - Physics analysis using a graphical event display - package.

Dr Tord Malmgren of Stockholm University, who produced the event files for the projects.

The WIRED Graphical Event Display Development Team of Mark Dönszelman at CERN and Dr Tord Malmgren of Stockholm University.

Dr Catriona Charlesworth, Dr Philippe Charpentier, and Monica De Pasquale for useful suggestions, and careful reading and testing of the CD-ROM.

Specific credits

Satellite images in title sequence
COBE picture
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the COBE Science Working Group
Aerial view of SLAC
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Photo of Yuval Ne'eman
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Images on the Big Bang page
Dr Sergio Cittolin
Photo of part of the biggest cosmic ray observatory
Pierre Auger Observatory
Astronomical pictures
The European Southern Observatory
Hubble telescope pictures
The Space Telescope Science Institute
Spinning globe in title sequence
Dean Whitney Communications
Portraits of Maxwell, Glashow, Weinberg and Salam
Famous Scientists at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
L3 detector and LEP accelerator (What is CERN)
Peter Ginter
Background photo on the CDROM cover
Dr Richard Jacobsson
The particle accelerator game
Microcosm - The CERN onsite exhibition
Image of the Sun (Interaction carrier particles)
Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.
All photographs not explicitly mentioned