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A Keyhole to the Birth of Time (James Gillies, Richard Jacobsson, et al, CERN)

At CERN, some of the world's biggest and most complex machines are used to study nature's tiniest building blocks, the fundamental particles. By colliding these minute particles of matter, physicists unravel the basic laws of nature. Keyhole is an educational project, where high school students and the interested public can learn how particles are accelerated and collided, and how the reaction products of the collisions are detected and identified.
After having passed a quiz, the user is able to proceed to a measurement on his/her own, investigating the decays of one of the heaviest fundamental particles, the Z, using real data from the DELPHI experiment at LEP, like in "Hands on CERN"

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Please note, that in the Italian and Spanish version only the project exercises have been translated. The introduction is in English language.

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