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Universidad de Los Andes (ULA)


Universidad de Los Andes (ULA)
Address Facultad de Ciencias
Av. Alberto Carnevalli, La Hechicera, Núcleo Universitario Pedro Rincón Gutiérrez, Edificio A., Av Alberto Carnevali, Mérida 5101, Venezuela
Phone +58 274 240 33 00
Research & Teaching

The Universidad de Los Andes is located in Mérida state, Venezuela and was founded in 1785. At present, it is one of the most prestigious and important university in the country. Within the area of science and technology, the physics department is one of the main research institutes. The scientific research programs concern theoretical physics, material science, optics, astrophysics, geophysics and high energy physics. The experimental HEP effort started recently, in 2010, with the participation in the LAGO Collaboration, for the detection of gamma rays.

We aim to stimulate our physics student's interest in HEP research and increase our participation in HEP experiments. Therefore, since 2015 special training courses in Particle physics will be included in our Physics Master program and imparted by the CEVALE2VE group. These courses and other outreach activities are done in close collaboration with other Colombian and Venezuelan institutes.
  • International Masterclasses: Hands on particle physics
  • Annual meeting with the physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology: oriented to primary and high school students
  • General HEP seminars by the CEVALE2VE group
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