International Particle Physics Outreach Group
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Brookhaven National Laboratory


Address Brookhaven National Laboratory

Helio Takai
Physics Department, Building 510A
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, New York 11973
Phone +1 (631) 344 2812
e-Mail Helio Takai
Research & Teaching

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a broad-based scientific research institution with ongoing research in fields from biology to particle physics. BNL physicists pursue experimental and theoretical discoveries in high-energy, nuclear and solid-state physics, and help design and build many of the world's foremost physics facilities, both at Brookhaven and around the globe. Brookhaven is a key member of the ATLAS collaboration.

Since 2000, Brookhaven has been part of QuarkNet. Brookhaven QuarkNet teachers have been involved in cosmic ray research, creation of unique physics experiments, and improving physics education in their classrooms.

The premier effort of the Brookhaven group is MARIACHI (Mixed Apparatus for Radar Investigation of Atmospheric Cosmic rays of High Ionization). In this program, Brookhaven Lab has teamed with universities, colleges, and high schools to create a network of cosmic ray detectors which will not only search for air showers but look for their radio signatures through reflection of VHF signals as they ionize portions of the atmosphere.

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