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University of Zilina - Faculty of Electrical Engineering


University of Zilina - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Address Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Zilina

Velky diel
010 26 Zilina
Phone +421 (41) 513 23 31
e-Mail Gabika Tarjanyiova
Research & Teaching

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established relatively recently (in 1992, after separation of the former Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), but its departments exist for decades. Current research activities of these departments are in the areas of information systems, modern telecommunication technologies, development of power semiconductive systems, modern control of electric networks, condensed matter and elementary particle physics. Study of interdisciplinary branches is also increasing, namely: mechatronics, telecommunication management, biomedicine engineering and specialization: oriented on information systems in electroenergetics.
The research at the Physics Department is oriented towards the study of condensed matter systems by acoustic and optical methods. In addition, a small theory group is active it the field of the phenomenology of elementary particles.
The Faculty offers a wide range of courses in electrical engineering, from Bachelor degree courses (study fields: Mechatronics, Telecommunication management, Electroenergetic engineering) and Master degree courses (Information and safety systems, Telecommunications, Electroenergetic and electrical engineering, Biomedicine engineering) to Doctoral postgraduate courses (Physics of Condensed Matter and Acoustics, Theoretical Electrotechnics, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control) all of them full-time and part-time.

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