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Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration


Virtual Collaboration
Address Technology Transfer Laboratory
Faculty of Science
P. J. Safarik University

Jesenna 5
041 54 Kosice
Phone +421 907 997 946
Fax +421 (55) 622 21 24
e-Mail Pavel Murin

Virtual Collaboration was established by physicists from Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice together with Comenius University in Bratislava in February 1999. The purpose was to attract an attention of young people to the top research activities organised in CERN and DESY, as well as to interest secondary school students in natural sciences study. Why? Because there was lack of undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduate doctoral degree candidates particularly within the sub-nuclear physics major. Gradually it has been shown that a talented physicist cold be born in any family and found in any part of the country. The only problem was how to recognise him/her among his/her friends, how to contact and collaborate with him/her. It is the problem analogical to the situation, when we want to understand and describe fluctuations of physical vacuum, their properties and interactions with particles, elements of our physical macrocosm. We look at young people similarly than at states of a vacuum, but not physical but social one. Active individuals are fluctuations of the vacuum, we will provide them a chance to interact participate in some problem solutions, to know and define themselves within the solution process and to choose their way of life adequate to their abilities and interests. First what we had to do was to eliminate disturbing moments and social relations of an individual to his/her surroundings. By means of the top information technology we allow those young people to get to the virtual world, where the sole attribute is dominant: the ability to solve the offered problem. Currently the Virtual Collaboration comprises more then 120 researchers and university teachers from all public universities and some institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. We have built up Slovak videoconference network; develop new methodology of education and research and scientific organisation. Our interaction with fluctuation of social vacuum is detected and visualised through the Portal of virtual service. Look into.

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