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University of Trnava - Faculty of Pedagogy


University of Trnava - Faculty of Pedagogy
Address Department of Physics
Faculty of Pedagogy
University of Trnava

Priemyselna 4
918 43 Trnava
Phone +421 (33) 551 46 18
e-Mail Miroslava Otvoldovï
Research & Teaching

The University of Trnava is one of the youngest universities in Slovakia. It builds up on traditions of famous academic and historical background of Trnava University ï one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, which was established in 1635 by the Cardinal Peter Pazmany and had four faculties: Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Medicine. The University (existed for 142 years) became famous with an observatory founded by Maximilian Hell, University library, gardens and theatre. The University of Trnava was re-established by the Slovak National Council in 1992 by the decree No 191/1992.
Faculty of Pedagogy is one of the five faculties of the University of Trnava, but the only one providing teacher training. It guaranties and provides complex pre-service training of basic and secondary school teachers in particular accredited study programmes, and training in the field of social pedagogy and tutorship. Catholic religious education teacher training is carried out in co-operation with the Faculty of Theology. The educational and training process is supported with the up-to-date technical equipment, specialised laboratories, ateliers, classrooms with audiovisual technology and qualified professional staff. Finding the graduatesï place in professional practice confirms the quality of educational process.
Another significant area of the faculty performance is its research and scientific activity. Application of ICT in education, research in the field of theory and teaching particular subjects from pedagogical and psychological point of view and artistic activities belong to the Faculty priorities. Scientific, research and educational profile of the Faculty have met with an acceptation within national and international institutions, especially the universities in Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia.

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