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University of Presov - Faculty of Humanit. and Natural Sciences


University of Presov - Faculty of Humanit. and Natural Sciences
Address University of Presov, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Namestie legionarov c. 3
080 01 Presov
Slovenska republika
Phone +421 903 904 554
e-Mail František Franko
Research & Teaching

The Department of Physics, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences provides the three-year bachelor degree and the two- year master degree study of physics in combination with other subjects: e.g. mathematics, biology, ecology, geography, English language, music education, Slovak language, ethical education and technical education. Within the interdisciplinary study the study programme can be combined with physical education, philosophy and religious education. The above mentioned study allows graduates to teach as qualified teachers of physics at lower and upper secondary schools, as well as at universities. Within the major of physics the following subjects belong to the dominant: general physics, theoretical mechanics, special theory of relativity, theoretical physics, didactics of physics, physics of solid materials, astronomy and astrophysics. Practical exercises of physics, information technology in physics, special practice of school experiments, optional subjects and history of physics belong to supportive subjects.
The research activities of the Department are oriented to the area of teaching physics and training of basic and secondary school teachers of physics, design and verification of methodology materials for teaching physics at all the mentioned types of schools, problems of learner’s interest in knowledge of physics, study of physics motivation, and using information technology in teaching physics. Applied research is intended to problems of study of condensed substances and acoustics, astronomy and study of electro-physical, photoelectric and magneto-electric properties with a purpose to use them in sensors, radiators and information record facilities.

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