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P. J. Safarik University - Faculty of Sciences


P.J. Safarik University - Faculty of Sciences
Address Department of Nuclar Physics
Faculty of Science
P. J. Safarik University

Jesenna 5
041 54 Košice
Phone +421 (55) 622 19 26
Fax +421 (55) 622 21 24
e-Mail Jana Vrláková
Alexander Dirner
Research & Teaching

The Faculty of Science was established in 1963. The Faculty offers a full five-year study programme leading to the Magister degree (Mgr.). A part of the Magister study is a three-year programme leading to the degree of Bachelor (Bc.). Since the 1998/1999 academic year, a credit-based system according to the European standard ECTS has been implemented.
The Statute of the Faculty enables also foreign students to attend.
A one-subject five-year programme is offered in six major fields: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Ecology, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics. Two-subject study programmes comprise various combinations of the major fields (including the new study programme Geography). The two-subjetc study programmes lead to the qualification of primary and secondary school teachers.
PhD postgraduate study is provided in the following scientific disciplines: Animal Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physics of Condensed Matter and Acoustics, Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Biophysics, Discrete Mathematics and Programme and Information Systems.

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