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Slovak Academy of Sciences - Institute of Experimental Physics


Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice
Address Institute of Experimental Physics,
Slovak Academy of Sciences

Watsonova 47
04 001 Kosice
Phone +421 (55) 633-5447
e-Mail Pavel Murin
Research & Teaching

The department of subnuclear physics is oriented towards research work in the field of high energy physics, and is actively participating in ambitious experimental projects at the leading accelerator centers. The first period of existence of the department (up to 1980) was dominated by participation in the bubble chamber experiments performed at accelerators in JINR Dubna and IHEP Protvino near Serpukhov, in Moscow region of Russian Federation.
From 1987 a group of our scientists started to participate in the preparation of the H1 set-up for experiments at HERA at DESY (Hamburg, Germany). A lage amount of the read-out boards for the liquid argon calorimeter was produced. We designed and realized the trigger electronics for identification of electrons in the backward electromagnetic calorimeter.
Another important present activity is connected with participation in the experimental programme at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). A significant part of our present interests is connected with preparation for the LHC programme. This activity was oriented to the R&D projects devoted to the development of new detectors (gas microstrip chambers, a novel concept for the liquid argon calorimeter). At present our basic activities are still in the H1 experiment, and in ATLAS and ALICE experiments in CERN.

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