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Comenius University - Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics


Comenius University - Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Address Physics and Biophysics
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Comenius University

Mlynska dolina
842 48 Bratislava
e-Mail Barbora Eckerova
e-Mail Michal Dubovsky
Research & Teaching

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is direct follower of tradition of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, which by changing it's name in september 2000 pointed out the fact, that there are successfully developing three equal departments: mathematics, physics and informatics.
There are two levels of study on the faculty - bachelor and master ones. After absolving the bachelor level, the students can continue the master level, or finish the study with the title Bachelor (Bc.). Standard duration of the master study is 5 years and ends by getting the title "Magister (Mgr.)". The study is credit based according to European standard ECTS.
The faculty offers the possibilities of master study in:
Physics (Astronomy, Physics of Earth and meteorology, Experimental physics, Nuclear physics and biophysics, Theoretical physics and Physics education)
Mathematics (Algebra, geometry and mathematics education, Applied mathematics and statistics, Mathematical analysis and numerical mathematics)
Informatics (Applied informatics, Informatics, Informatics education)
The graduates can continue in study in the faculty in form of PhD study (the title PhD). There is a possibility to spend a part of the study at known foreign universities.
The PhD study is the third level of the university education. The faculty is accredited in the following fields of study: Algebra and number theory, Mathematical analysis, Probability and mathematical statistics, Numerical analysis and science-technical calculations, Applied mathematic, Geometry and topology, Theory of mathematic education, General physics and mathematical physics, Physics of condensed matter and acoustics, Quantum electronics and optics, Nuclear and sub-nuclear physics, Physics of plasma, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Meteorology and climatology, Chemistry physics, Biophysics, Theory of physics education, Theoretical informatics, Theory of informatics education, Applied informatics.

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