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St.Petersburg State University


St.Petersburg State University
Address 7/9 Universitetskaya emb., St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia
Phone +7-812-4284548
e-Mail Grigory Feofilov
Research & Teaching

Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbSU, Russian: Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет, СПбГУ) is a Russian federal state-owned higher education institution based in Saint-Petersburg. It is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Russia.

Founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, Saint-Petersburg University was to become the first institution of higher education in Russia. SPbSU is a leading Russian university with teaching and research excellence ranked among the world’s top universities. Many outstanding scholars have been a part of the SPbU community, including nine Nobel Prize winners: the physiologist Ivan Pavlov, biologist Ilya Mechnikov, physicist and chemist Nikolay Semyonov, physicists Lev Landau and Aleksandr Prokhorov, philosopher and economist Wassily Leontief as well as mathematician and economist Leonid Kantorovich. A scientific school in theoretical physics was created by Vladimir Fock, who did foundational work on quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and field theory.

Since 1992 SPbSU researchers were involved in the design and preparation of the Inner Tracking System of ALICE at the LHC. Today the principal activities of Laboratory of Ultra-High Energy Physics of SPbSU are relevant to the basic research in high-energy and relativistic nuclear physics, to the development of novel advanced detection systems, LHC data analysis and GRID and cloud computing. The list of topics includes: study of the properties and processes of formation of matter under extreme conditions (QGP) in collisions of relativistic particles and nuclei at hadron accelerators of high energy; search of a critical point in the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter and the study of the phase transition; development of modern theoretical models in soft (nonperturbative) QCD field; analysis of experimental data on hadronic collisions from NA61 / SHINE at the SPS and from ALICE at the LHC. Educational process for students is based on Saint-Petersburg traditions and with the account of international cooperation experience.

Lectures and master classes for school children and school teachers of physics, Open Days at CERN, Summer classes, Scientific festivals and popularization of science.
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