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Ponta Delgada

University of Azores


University of Azores
Address University of Azores
Departament of Technological Sciences and Development
Apartado 1422
PT - 9501-801 Ponta Delgada
Phone +351 296 650 000
e-Mail Helena Vasconcelos
Research & Teaching

The University of Azores was created on January 1976, to provide solutions to the multiple needs in the formation of specialists in the region, to promote the cultural level of the islands and its scientific and technological development.
Today, the development of Azores has in the University of Azores one of its main roots. The several areas of research and teaching nurtured at the University have amplified significantly in Azores the knowledge of the complex reality of the sea, land, life, history, society, and, in general, of the culture of the islands.

With 4500 students, 300 professors, and 234 administrative staff, divided in three campi in 3 islands, the University provides courses in 11 subjects at graduation level, 9 at the level of master of sciences, and supports 7 Ph.D. training programs. Besides this also proposes several specialization and technical/professional short courses.

In sciences and technology, it promotes the graduation in Civil Engineering Sciences, and prepares students for Engineering courses in the larger universities in the continent. In the Health school proposes, among others, the basic cycle of Medicine studies, that allows to follow the Master in Medicine at the University of Coimbra (thus concluding the studies in Medicine to become a physician).
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