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Universidade de Évora


Universidade de Évora
Address Universidade de Évora
Escola de Ciência e Tecnologia  
Departamento de Física
Colégio Luís António Verney,
7000-671 Évora
Phone +351 266 740800
e-Mail Bento Caldeira
Research & Teaching

The University of Évora is a public institution of higher education whose origins date back to 1559. After being closed in the 18th century, the university reopened its doors in 1979. At the present time, it is organized in schools in specific scientific domains, such as Science and Technology, Arts, Health, Social Sciences;

The School  of Sciences and Technology of the University of Evora offers several courses in science and technology, with special emphasis in Earth and Space Sciences and Renewable Energy Engineering. The researchers of  Department of Physics  are involved in several international collaborations in the following specialities:  Earth Sciences, Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Condensed Matter and Nuclear Physics.
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