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Aveiro - University of Aveiro


Address Universidade de Aveiro
Departamento de Física
Campus de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
Phone +351 234 370 356
Fax +351 234 378 197
e-Mail João Veloso
Lara Carramate
Research & Teaching

The University of Aveiro offers degrees in the fields of Science, Engineering, Arte and Communication, Social Sciences, Health, Humanities and Education.
In the field of Particle Physics, participates in the international collaborations: CERN-RD51, NEXT and "Proton Radius".
Research in the Physics Department includes areas of condensed matter, semiconductor, coherent optical systems, radiation detection, biophysics, meteorology and physical oceanography, history of science, astrophysics, theoretical and computing physics, in the different research centers:

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