International Particle Physics Outreach Group
Participating Institutes

University of Warsaw: Faculty of Physics


Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies
Address University of Warsaw
Faculty of Physics

Hoza 69
00-681 Warszawa
Phone +48 22 621 47 71
e-Mail Artur Kalinowski
Research & Teaching

The experimental and theoretical research conducted at the Institutes of Physics is directed at physical systems of all kinds, from the most elementary (elementary particles and atomic nuclei), through complex systems (atoms, molecules, solid state and biological systems), to the most complex system of all: the Universe as a whole.

Division of Particle Physics participates in several major experiments at CERN, DESY and other centers.

Students of first degree studies obtain a breadth of preparation in physics, mathematics and their applications, as well as training in applying this knowledge pursue on their own the solution of challenging problems in various fields. They are trained in the use of data sources from the web as well as in a variety of IT topics (programming, operating systems, applications). They are well prepared to pursue second degree studies, and for work in research groups. Students of the second degree study programme take part in scientific research, conducted by research teams at the Faculty of Physics. In fulfillment of their study programme, students majoring in Physics after the first semester have the choice of one many specialities.


The Institute participate in Science Festivals and Scientific Picknics organised in Warsaw every year. A number of popular lectures is given. Schools are invited to participate in "Hands on CERN" classes.

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