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Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies


Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies
Address Instytut Problemów Jądrowych im. A.Sołtana

Hoza 69
00-681 Warszawa
Phone +48 (22) 628 18 93
e-Mail Grzegorz Wrochna, Piotr Zalewski
Research & Teaching

The Institute is a state owned Laboratory. It carries out pure and applied research on subatomic physics, i.e. the elementary particle and nuclear physics, the hot plasma physics and related fields. It also produces specialized equipment for various applications (notably for medicine and environmental protection). Its staff includes a number of eminent scientists and technology experts. Scientific Council of the Institute grants Ph.D. and habilitation degrees.

Department of Particle Physics participates in several major experiments at CERN, DESY and other centers. Currently the activities concentrate on preparation of experiments for the Large Hadron Collider and neutrino beams from CERN.


Department of Training and Consulting arranges systematic courses of radiation physics for high-schools, teachers and university students. In addition, it conducts trainings in the fields of radiological safety and risks connected with ionizing radiation. Department accepts yearly about 5000 high-school pupils for whom a special laboratory of atomic and nuclear physics was also organized. Independently, in the Department's building an exhibition "Radioactive wastes: problems, solutions" was arranged and is permanently open to the public.

The Institute participate in Science Festivals and Scientific Picknics organised in Warsaw every year. A number of popular lectures is given. Schools are invited to participate in "Hands on CERN" classes.

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