International Particle Physics Outreach Group
Participating Institutes

Institutt for Fysikk og Teknologi, Universitet i Bergen


Institutt for Fysikk og Teknologi
Address Institutt for Fysikk og Teknologi

Allegatan 55
N-5007, Bergen
Phone +47 555 82803
Fax +47 555 829440
e-Mail Oystein Djuvsland
Research & Teaching

Department of Physics and Technology University of Bergen performs research in many areas of applied physics, technology, and basic physics.

Particle physics and heavy ion groups are involved in several international projects ATLAS, ALICE, BaBar and DELPHI. In particle physics area there is deetector developement and work with data analysis We participate in NorduGrid, project, a Nordic computer grid project targeted on providing computer power for the coming generation of experiments. There are activities in particle theory ' heavy ion physics and space physics

Study program at the Universitetet of Bergen proposes many subjects in physics and technology.

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