International Particle Physics Outreach Group
Participating Institutes

National Cancer Institute

Medical Physics Department

National Cancer Institute
Address Santariskiu str. 1
08660 Vilnius
Phone +3705 2190970
e-Mail Jonas Venius
Scientific research

National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the only specialised oncology institution in Lithuania. The Institute acts as the clinical cancer centre, certified and accredited by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes.

The patient-oriented international level scientific research works are performed at the Institute with help of biotechnology, nanomedicine, genomics, proteomics and other modern technologies in order to achieve the most important goal - to reduce oncological morbidity, mortality from oncological diseases, and increase the life expectancy of patients, improve their quality of life. The main areas of scientific activity are cancer prevention, based on epidemiological, experimental and laboratory studies, improvement of tumor diagnostic methods, search and implementation of new treatment measures and methods.

Medical physicists are directly involved in the selection of patient's diagnostics and treatment tactics, and in the clinical activity during complicated diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They ensure the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures by monitoring the quality of the equipment and constant optimization of these procedures aiming to reduce of the amount of exposure. Medical physicists calculate the prescribed dose and plan treatment realization for each patient individually during the radiotherapy process.

Outreach consists of scientific presentations at the physics conferences and raising awareness of the society during publicity events. In 2020 the Medical Physics Department of the NCI joined Particle Therapy Masterclass in Lithuania.
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