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University of Torino - INFN


University of Torino - INFN
Address Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare e
Dipartimenti di Fisica dell'Universita' - Torino
Via P.Giuria 1
I - 10125 Torino
Phone +39 (011) 6707360, +39 (011) 6707313
e-Mail Ernesto Migliore
e-Mail Federico Bosia
e-Mail Stefano Argiro
Research & Teaching

Research at the three Sections of the Physics Department Torino University focusses on Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics (Subnuclear Physics, Solid State Physics and Biophysics), and General Physics (Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Cosmic Physics, Geophysics, Atmospheric Physics, Oceanography and Non-linear Physics, Cybernetics, Metrology, Astronomy and Astrophysics).

At the INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), the experimental research groups develop detectors and microelectronics for particle physics, astro-particle physics, nuclear physics and for medical and industrial applications, and investigate together with the theoretical physicists the fundamental structure of matter and forces in our universe. All the research projects of INFN are performed in collaboration with the members of the three Physics Departments of the Torino University.

Studying physics in Torino offers in lecture and lab courses a broad range of opportunities for specialization. There are two levels of undergraduate courses: a 3-year first level course Laurea Triennale , and a 2-year specialization course Laurea Magistrale . Advanced training is offered within the programs of the Graduate School in Physics, Applied Physics and Astrophysics (Dottorato di Ricerca), the Specialization School in Health Physics, and the Inter-faculty School for the Training of High-School Teachers (SIS).

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