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Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences UNIPR and INFN - Parma


Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences UNIPR and INFN - Parma
Address Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Informatiche
Università di Parma
Parco Area delle Scienze 7/A
43124 PARMA
Phone +39 0521 905491
e-Mail Francesco Di Renzo
Research & Teaching

Research at the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma extends over a wide range of subjects. In particular, research in Physics includes Biophysics and Soft Matter, Condensed Matter and Functional Materials and Theoretical Physics.

INFN Parma Unit dates back to 1986: it is the main framework for Particle Physics research in Parma, which is mainly theoretical and deals with Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics and Lattice QCD. Theoretical Physics research in Parma also includes formal aspects of Field Theory and String Theory, Gravitational Physics (including gravitational waves), Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics and Complex Systems. Parma group has always been active in Computational Physics, also contributing to the development of dedicated architectures for Theoretical Physics applications.

The Department offers both Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. There is a Parma PhD programme both in Mathematics and in Physics. At any level, Physics students in Parma are exposed to the rich range of the ongoing research.

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