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University of Padova - INFN


University of Padova - INFN
Address Dipartimento di Fisica

Via Marzolo 8
35100 Padova
Phone +39 (049) 9677103
e-Mail Ezio Torassa
Research & Teaching

Research at the Department of Physics at the University of Padova focusses on Nuclear and Subatomic Physics, Condensed Matter, Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. This activities are developed in collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and the National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM) At the Departement of Physics the experimental research groups in collaboration with INFN develop detectors and perform data analysis for particle physics, neutrino and astroparticle physics , nuclear physics . Also the theoretical department, in conjunction with INFN as well, is active in the fields of string and field theory, particle and astroparticle phenomenology, nuclear physics, mathematical methods, general relativity and gravitation. Studying physics in Padova offers in lectures and lab courses a broad range of opportunities for specialization from a diploma (3 years), a specialized laurea (5 years) and a PhD program (3 years).

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