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Genoa University

Genoa University, Physics Department - INFN Genoa


Genoa University, Physics Department - INFN Genoa
Address Via Dodecaneso 33
I-16146 Genoa (Italy)
Phone +39 353 6485
e-Mail Carlo Schiavi
Research & Teaching

The Physics Department offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics and Bachelor degree in Material Science, in close connection to the local research groups. The Physics Department also offers a graduate program in Physics.

The research activities conducted at the Genoa Physics Department focus on the main groundbreaking goals pursued by the international scientific community in various research areas:
environmental physics, condensed matter and biophysics, medical applications,
experimental nuclear and particle physics, theoretical physics

In particular, experimental particle physicists operating at the Genoa Physics Department work in tight collaboration with national and international research institutes and laboratories, including INFN, CERN, FermiLab, Jefferson Lab and the Gran Sasso National Laboratory.
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