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National Institute of Nuclear Physics - Bologna Unit


Address Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Universita'
Sezione di Bologna dell'INFN
Viale Berti Pichat 6/2
40127 Bologna
Phone +39 051 20 95209
e-Mail Stefano Marcellini
Barbara Poli
Stefano Perazzini
Pietro Antonioli
Research & Teaching

The Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna carries out several research activities in fundamental and applied physics: Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Solid State Physics, Medical Physics, Geophysics, History of Physics, Applied Physics, Teaching and Educational.

The research groups collaborate with several research institutes, as INFN, INAF, INGV, CNR, ENEA, CNISM. The INFN Unit of Bologna is located in the Physics and Astronomy Department. It gained knowledge and experience over the years in the design and construction of detectors for high energy and nuclear physics experiments, as well as in the data analysis.

The research activities of the INFN unit are carried out in five scientific fields: fundamental interactions with accelerators, fundamental interactions without accelerators, nuclear physics, theoretical physics and technological research. These activities are developed in collaboration with the most important physics laboratories in the world.

Within the Department of Physics and Astronomy it is hosted the CNAF, the Italian National Center for Research and Development about Information and Data transmission Technologies. CNAF is involved in the management and development at national level of the most important information and Data transmission services of support for the INFN. CNAF is also involved in Grid and Cloud based development and operations, as well as R&D activities in several areas, ranging from evolution of software and programming towards more advanced paradigms, Machine Learning and Deep Learning approaches for high-energy astroparticle physics experiments, and planning for long-term computing model implementations towards High Luminosity LHC.

In Bologna, three three-years-long laurea are available: Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology and atmospheric physics. In addition a laurea magistrale is also available, with 3 curricula: Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Geophysics. The postgraduate courses are: Postgraduate School of Medical Physics, PhD in Astronomy, PhD in Physics and PhD in Future Earth.

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