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JU Jammu

University of Jammu


University of Jammu
Address University of Jammu
Jammu 180006
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone +91 191 2453079
e-Mail Ramni Gupta
Research & Teaching

University of Jammu was established in year 1969 over an area of 119 acre of land on the left bank of river Tawi. The University offers around seventy post graduate and undergraduate courses in different faculties. Research programme of the University ranges across many disciplines, imparting Ph.D. in 37 and M.Phil. in 26 disciplines. Department of Physics is the largest and one of the prestigious departments of the University of Jammu. The University is involved in world class research through ‘A Large Ion Collider Experiment’ (ALICE) collaboration and is a part of the Indian team involved at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Experiment at the World Laboratory ‘European Council for Nuclear Research’ (CERN), Geneva. The main focus of research activities of the High Energy Physics group is the analysis of data to comprehend the properties of matter at extremely high energy and density, the state known as "Quark Gluon Plasma", in which nuclear matter exists in a deconfined state. Presently the group is working on ALICE and STAR projects at CERN, Geneva and BNL, USA, respectively.
  • First International Masterclasses (Strangeness Enhancement), 2021
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