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The Belmonte Science Center for Youth - The Authority for Community and Youth - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Address The Belmonte Science Center for Youth
The Hebrew University
Givat Ram
Jerusalem 91904
Phone +972-2-6584161
e-Mail Dr. Eshel Ophir
Research & Teaching

The Belmonte Science Center was established as a university unit in 1990 in order to bridge the ever-widening gap between front-line scientific research and science education in high school. For many years, the Center has been a source of innovation and challenge in this field and has developed into a national and international model for the empowerment of science education by providing access to up-to-date teaching and research facilities for high school students. The Belmonte Science Center is operated by the Authority for Community and Youth of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a joint venture of the Hebrew University, the Municipality of Jerusalem and The Jerusalem Foundation.

  • laboratory activities at junior high school and high school levels in the fields of chemistry, life sciences and physics
  • field excursions in environmental science
  • programs for excellent students: (1) super-regional classes in astrophysics, biomechanics and mechatronics; (2) a science class for excellent Arabic-speaking girls from East Jerusalem; (3) a scientific research class for students willing to engage in an intensive, yearlong experimental research project; (4) the Young Academy for 8th and 9th graders, teaching scientific inquiry and critical thinking
  • Science camps:(1) the multicultural science camp for girls and boys from all sectors of the Israeli society (2) the summer camp for science and entrepreneurship
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