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Trinity College Dublin: School of Mathematics


Trinity College Dublin: School of Mathematics
Address School of Mathematics
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2
Phone +353 (0)1 896 8559
Research & Teaching

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is the only college constituting the University of Dublin and thus both names are commonly used. It is the oldest University in Ireland, founded by Elizabeth I in 1592. Today there are about 17,000 registered students across all disciplines, almost 5,000 of them postgraduates. Although TCD was the home institution of Ernest Walton (Nobel prize 1951 together with Cockroft for their pioneer work on the transmutation of atomic nuclei by artificially accelerated atomic particles), there is currently no experimental particle physics group at TCD. However, the School of Mathematics has a group of theoretical physicists working on string theory and lattice QCD, including aspects of flavour physics and CP violation. Staff members of this group teach all the theoretical physics classes of the 4-year undergraduate degree course "Theoretical Physics", which is shared between the TCD Schools of physics and mathematics.

Despite various initiatives Ireland is not (yet?) a member state of CERN, which goes some way to explain the scarcity of experimental particle physics carried out in Ireland.
During 2012 Dublin has been the European City of Science and hosted the European Science Open Forum (ESOF) 2012 in July 2012. TCD theoretical physicists were involved in the organization of a session on the likely discovery of the Higgs particle at the conference, and of a panel discussion in the Royal Irish Academy. This was met with great interest by the general public. Encouraged by this success our joining of CERN's particle physics master classes initiative is part of an attempt to stir and satisfy the curiosity of young people in Ireland regarding particle physics.
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