International Particle Physics Outreach Group
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University of Athens


University of Athens
Address University of Athens

15711 Ilisia, Athens
Phone +30 (210) 727-6947
Fax +30 (210) 727-6987
e-Mail Ch. Kourkoumeli
Research & Teaching

The Physics Department of the University of Athens is divided into five Sections: Solid State, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astronomy/Astrophysics and Mechanics, Environment and Electronics.

The Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics has several experimental teams which participate in the main LHC experiments at CERN ( ATLAS , CMS and ALICE ) and theoretical teams which study the structure of matter, the fundamental forces etc.

The teaching of Physics is done in both the undergraduate and graduate level, leading to the B.S, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The Physics Department , which is the largest in the country, has about 350 first year undergraduate students.

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