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ECTP @ Nile University


Address Nile University Campus - Sheikh Zayed District - Juhayna Square, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.
Phone +20 2 3854 1700 or +2-0100-2390604
Hotline: 16543
e-Mail Abdel Nasser Tawfik
Research & Teaching

The Egyptian Center for Theoretical Physics (ECTP) is a research center founded by the Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI) in order to promote fundamental physics and applied mathematics. Its mission is to promote research in high energy physics, cosmology, applied mathematics and computational sciences. ECTP is collaborating with leading Egyptian and foreigner scholars and research institutions. ECTP kindly acknowledges the broadminded support from domestic- and world-leading funding agencies, organizations and individuals.

ECTP was the first and still the only research center in Egypt and North Africa that has been recognized by TWAS-UNESCO as a "Centre of Excellence". Having this prestigious status enables it to run TWAS-UNESCO associateship Scheme and other research programs.


Creation of constructive scientific atmosphere in Egypt in order to conduct scientific research based on the international standards focusing on specific research fields, mainly theoretical particle physics, in order to cultivate and promote young generations and to establish a coherent scientific community for mutual, active and effective collaboration with the rest of the world.


  • Establishing a local platform to perform scientific research in Egypt according to the international standards
  • Conduct the scientific research in cosmology, elementary particle physics and applied mathematics. ECTP is also planning to encompass additional areas including their applications
  • Cooperation with counterpart research institutions and centers in Egypt and from all over the world to promote the mutual exchange
  • Participation and organization of conferences, workshop and schools on related fields
  • Increasing the number of published scientific papers affiliated to an Egyptian institution
  • Establishing groups of young researches over long-term, who exclusively concentrated on performing scientific research in related fields
  • Attracting world-class scientists in participating in the ECTP’s scientific activities

  • The strategic objective of ECTP is to be an interdisciplinary and self-financing research institution for a various number of advanced studies in basic sciences.
  • The tactic objective of ECTP is to increase the number of published scientific papers, on which MTI University and ECTP are affiliated. The published papers are one of the main categories to rank out the World Top Universities.
  • ECTP basically aims to cultivate new generations of specialists in physics and mathematics, who are committed to and capable to promote and strengthen the scientific dimensions and the strategic roles of higher education in Egypt, in order to bridge the gap between the best scholarly research and the pressing needs of young generation towards a rapidly changing world (Egypt).
  • ECTP is willing to intensify joint research projects with leading Egyptian and foreigner scholars and research institutions.
  • The long-term plan of ECTP is to establish various research groups and furnish them with all needed facilities.

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