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Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Address Planetarium Science Center
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
P.O. Box 138, Chatby
Alexandria, Egypt
Phone +203 4839999 Ext. 1766
Research & Teaching

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is an Egyptian institution of international character, devoted to the promotion of enlightened values, good governance, and sustainable development in Egypt and the Arab World, as well as elsewhere in the World. The BA issues an annual report and audited accounts. It is governed by an international Board of Trustees, and is not part of the Egyptian Government. It was established by a special law (law No. 1 for 2001) that attached it to the Head of State.
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the New Library of Alexandria, is dedicated to recapturing the spirit of the original Library. It aspires to be the World’s window on Egypt; Egypt’s window on the World; a leading institution of the digital age; and, above all, a center for learning, tolerance, dialogue and understanding.
To fulfill that role, the new complex is much more than a library. Not only can the Library hold millions of books, but it also includes a center for the Internet and its archive; six specialized libraries for audio-visual materials, the visually impaired, children, the young, microforms, and rare books and special collections; three museums for antiquities, manuscripts, and the history of science; a planetarium; an exploratorium for children’s exposure to science; three permanent exhibitions; six art galleries for temporary exhibitions; a conference center for thousands of persons; seven research institutes covering manuscripts, documentation of heritage, calligraphy and writing, information sciences, Mediterranean and Alexandrian Studies, arts, and scientific research; an Institute for Peace Studies; and a discussion forum.
Today, this vast complex is a reality, receiving more than one million visitors a year, and holding hundreds of events every year.


Planetarium Science Center (PSC)
The PSC is an ideal place to enjoy a day of fun learning. The BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is an independent, not-for-profit educational foundation dedicated to increasing the public's awareness, interest and understanding of science and technology through three sections, each of which approaches science in a different manner that is relatively unconventional to the Egyptian community:

1) The Planetarium offers a diversity of fascinating scientific shows that are both entertaining and informative; the shows also cover a wide range of age groups.
2) The History of Science Museum covers the highlights of the historical aspect of science in Egypt during the Pharaonic and Hellenistic eras, as well as, during the golden age of the Arab Islamic world.
3) The ALEXploratorium is a hands-on science facility dedicated to making science accessible and interesting to the public through innovative and interactive activities that explain scientific facts and demonstrate their presence in everything we see, hear or touch in our daily life.

PSC Mission
To promote science & technology among school students and the public at large, and to show their relevance to everyday life.

PSC Goals

  • Gateway to the Challenges of the Future.
  • To foster the values of Science.
  • To create a new generation of innovative thinkers.
  • Yield a new generation of science literate problems solvers.
  • Give new generations the tools to determine a future that is one of CHOICE not chance.

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