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University of M'sila

Departement of physics


Departement of physics
Address Université Med BOUDIAF-BP 166 M'sila 28000
Phone +213 35-33-23-84
e-Mail Essma Redouane Salah:
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Research & Teaching

The University of M'sila is one of the largest universities in Algeria. It is a public university founded in 1985, It includes seven faculties, 30 departments and two institutes, it offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to around 30,000 students mentored by 1402 academic staff, graduating of them more than 4000 students each year.

The Faculty of science hosts the physics department, Its main mission is the organization of theoretical and experimental physics courses and lectures divided into three majors: high energy physics, condensed matter physics and solar energy physics.

The Department has 37 full time faculty members and more than 500 students. The department brings together several educational laboratories and two research laboratories and offers students the opportunity to carry out various courses in physics ranging from Bachelor's to Masters and PhDs.
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