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University of Siegen - Department of Physics


University of Siegen - Department of Physics
Address Department of Physics, University of Siegen
Walter-Flex Str.3
D-57068 Siegen
Phone +49 (271) 740-3700
e-Mail Ivor Fleck
Research & Teaching

The main research topics in the Department of Physics at the University of Siegen are experimental particle and astroparticle physics, theoretical particle physics, experimental and theoretical solid state physics and quantum optics.

In experimental particle physics, the main topics are detector development and physics analyses with the data collected by the ATLAS Detector at the LHC accelerator at CERN, Geneva. The main focus in the detector development is on the ATLAS pixel detector and Medical imaging, and the physics analyses focus on the physics of the top quarks and B-mesons. Together with the theoretical physicists, the fundamental particles and forces of our universe are studied.

The physics classes in Siegen are small, resulting in an intensive supervision including a mentoring program. At Siegen, a large variety of courses with a large number of special topics is offered.
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