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University of Regensburg - Institute of Theoretical Physics


Address Institut für Theoretische Physik Fakultät für Physik

Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstr. 31
93053 Regensburg
Phone +49 (941) 943 2017
e-Mail Gunnar Bali
Research & Teaching
24 professors and their groups conduct research and teach at our department. One focus is Elementary Particle Physics: we carry out theoretical calculations with methods of quantum field theory, which support precision experiments in hadron and particle physics, e.g., with regard to flavour physics, neutrino physics, dark matter searches and the early universe.

This includes "first principles" calculations on the strong interaction (quantum chromodynamics) between quarks and gluons on supercomputers (lattice QCD), as well as the invention and implementation of suitable methods. Some of the high performace computers are (co-)developed in-house (QPACE and successors). In addition to lattice QCD, perturbative calculations also play a central role.

Other than this, the faculty mainly conducts research in the field of condensed matter physics with a special focus on nanostructures (in experiment and theory).

About 1000 students are enrolled in our courses and receive intensive support:
Bachelor and Master in Physics, Nanoscience, Computational Science, Teaching degrees for grammar schools and for physics as a subject, Bachelor and Master in Science and Mathematics Education, Science and technology as part of Didactics (NWT).

In addition, together with Erlangen, we offer a physics research study course which leads directly to a doctorate via Bachelor and Master.

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