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DESY Hamburg
Address DESY

Notkestr. 85
D-22607 Hamburg
Phone +49 (40) 8998-5656
e-Mail Diana Haas
Research & Teaching

The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Member of the Helmholtz Association, is one of the leading particle accelerator centers in the world for research into the structure of matter. It is based at two locations: Hamburg and Zeuthen (Brandenburg). Embedded in international cooperation structures, DESY operates accelerator facilities for a broad interdisciplinary spectrum of basic research in the natural sciences, with special emphasis on:

  • the development, construction and operation of particle accelerators
  • particle physics: the investigation of the fundamental properties of matter (particles and forces)
  • research with photons: the use of synchrotron radiation sources and free-electron lasers for investigations in various fields of the natural sciences

The research center DESY is a magnet for scientists worldwide. They come from 33 countries to collaborate in the research with state-of-the-art facilities in Hamburg and Zeuthen. Among them are 1000 young people who experience and enrich everyday DESY life characterized by internationality. Trainees come to DESY for a "testing period", summer students join the research groups, school leavers undergo vocational training, graduants and Ph.D students complete their degree with a DESY thesis, young scientists< achieve professional qualification.
At DESY they gain an increased awareness of quality and capacity for teamwork, an important prerequisite for responsible positions in industry.

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