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Institute for Nuclear Physics


Address Institut für Kernphysik

Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Max-von-Laue-Str. 1
60438 Frankfurt
Phone +49 (69) - 798 - 47 0 79 (Secretary)
Fax +49 (69) - 798 - 47 0 46
e-Mail Prof. Dr. Henner Büsching
Research & Teaching

The Institute for Nuclear Physics at the Physics Department of the Goethe University has a wide range of research topics, which cover the structure and dynamics of atomic and nuclear matter.

The research is performed by facilitating local accelerators as well as by participating in large collaborations as in the ALICE Experiment at CERN-LHC. The activities include data analysis as well as the development of detector systems or new technologies.


In cooperation with various partners the IKF offers a wide range of topics suitable for students as well as teachers:

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