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TU Dortmund


TU Dortmund
Address Fakultät für Physik
TU Dortmund
D-44221 Dortmund
Phone +49 (231) +49-231-755-3539 or -3538 or -4526
e-Mail Benedikt Gocke
Lars Kolk
Michael Windau
Lena Heuchel
Research and Education

The Department of Physics is one of 16 departments of the TU Dortmund. The principal research areas are solid state physics and particle physics, extended by accelerator physics, medicine physics and didactics of physics.

Physics can be studied in the courses of Bachelor and Master of Science. Futher informations concerning course of studies are available on the web-sites of the department, special details for beginners in newcomer-info by the student representatives.

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