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Address TRIUMF
4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 2A3
Phone +1 (604) 222-1047
e-Mail Isabel Trigger, TRIUMF
e-Mail Oliver Stelzer-Chilton, TRIUMF
e-Mail Colin Gay, University of British Columbia
e-Mail Dugan O'Neil, Simon Fraser University
e-Mail Justin Albert, University of Victoria
e-Mail Jeremy Heyl, University of British Colombia
e-Mail Bernd Stelzer, Simon Fraser University
e-Mail Communications, TRIUMF
Research & Teaching

TRIUMF is Canada's particle accelerator centre. It brings together dedicated physicists and interdisciplinary talent, sophisticated technical resources, and commercial partners in a way that has established the laboratory as a global model of success. Its large user community is composed of international teams of scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students. The advances ensuing from TRIUMF's research will enhance the health and quality of life of millions of Canadians, launch new high-tech companies, create new high specificity drugs, help us to understand the environment, enable the development of new materials, and spur the imaginations of our children who want to know their place in the universe.

TRIUMF is Is a natural magnet for young minds (and the not so young). Numerous programs, designed specifically for young people, students, teachers, and the general public, ensure that as many as possible benefit from the scientific program and excitement that exists within Canada's premier national laboratory.

TRIUMF is owned and operated by a consortium of 20 Canadian universities, including Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria, who will partner with TRIUMF on the International Masterclass.

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