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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy

Address (INRNE),
blvd. Tzarigradsko Shaussee 72, 1784 Sofia,
Phone (+359) 2 979 5546
(+359) 88 988 9559
e-Mail Roumyana Hadjiiska
Research & Teaching

The Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is one of the leading scientific institutions in Bulgaria for fundamental and applied research in the field of Nuclear Physics and Technologies. It was founded in 1972 as an ancestor of the main structure part of the former Institute of Physics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The Institute pursues now research on theoretical and experimental elementary particle physics, nuclear theory, soliton theory, astrophysics, string theory and gravitation, nuclear reactions and nuclear structure, nuclear energetics, nuclear reactor safety, radiochemistry, radioecology. Through collaboration with CERN mainly within the LHC experiment CMS and through collaborations with international theoretical research centers the high-energy physics activities are focused on understanding the building blocks of matter and the unification of the fundamental interactions in Nature. Instrumental and technology activities are realized for developments in applied and medical physics.
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