I am very grateful to the following people for their help and contributions to these web pages:

Pezouna Pieri (Bess) is a 2nd year undergraduate studying physics at Manchester University who made the very large number of Dogašaj pictures for the section: A Different Sort of Challenge: Making a Measurement.

Akram Khan improved the visual attractiveness of these web pages. They were rather grey before he got his hands on them.

David Ward is the principal author of the OPAL Dogašaj display program. He also gave me considerable help in the technical details of producing the pictures of OPAL Dogašajs and feynman diagrams. Some of the feynman diagrams I stole directly from David's web pages on LEP1 and LEP2 physics with OPAL.

Nigel Watson gave me help with the OPAL Dogašaj display program and with a number of thorny problems.

Andrew McNab, in addition to putting up with my day to day technical incompetence, suggested an excellent way of generating the 150 or so .html files associated with the challenge questions and answers from just two template files.

Terry Wyatt , mart 1997.