Real Z --> tau+ + tau- decays

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Below is static picture of the event:


Zoom out until you see the entire event and switch on the tracking detector, the electromagnetic calorimeter, and the muon detectors in the barrel section ("TrDet", "EMCal", and "MuDet" in the "Barrel"). There are two charged particles in the event, one of which stops in the electromagnetic calorimeter while the other produces a signal in the muon detectors. The first one is therefore an electron or a positron and the second one is a muon. In addition, the two particles are not back-to-back and there is a lot of missing energy, which means that there are undetected neutrinos.


Switch on the detectors suggested above and the hadron calorimeter in the barrel section ("HaCal" in the "Barrel"). On one side there is an electron or a positron, and on the other there is an electron or a positron and a neutral hadron giving rise to a large energy deposit in the hadron calorimeter. In addition there is quite a large amount of missing energy, which is probably due to undetected neutrinos.


This event has a muon on one side and a few charged and neutral particles on the other. The decay products are not back-to-back and there is missing energy.


On one side there is again a muon and on the other a few hadrons giving rise to energy deposits in the hadron calorimeter. There is also missing energy.