BaBar Particle Physics Teaching Package

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The material covered is topical and up to date, commencing with relativity and the basics of particle physics and leading up to a 3D interactive simulation of the BaBar experiment (which commenced at SLAC during the summer of 1999). This has the effect of teaching students the theory behind an experiment, then placing them in a realistic environment where they have to behave like scientists, an important consideration in the design of computer-based learning materials.
The package can be used either by a teacher for demonstration purposes in a whole class situation, or on an individual / small group basis. The average A-Level physics student would probably take around 2 hours to cover the material and carry out all the calculations, preferably with breaks for teacher input. Its modular design makes it possible to skip from one section to another if some ground has already been covered in a previous session.
The teaching package will work best with Internet Explorer 4 (or later) on a 1024x768 screen size. However it will also work with Netscape 4 (or later) and on an 800x600 screen. An Intel Pentium 133 or higher (or equivalent) is recommended. The package has been tested on MS Windows 95/98/NT systems.
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