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Hands on Particle Physics Masterclasses
Participation FAQ

Great! You want to participate in International Masterclasses! Here you have the chance to have all your curious questions answered about the masterclass event, your participation and the past year's events. But first, let's get all your unanswered questions out of the way.

What age are the masterclasses aimed at?

Typically the masterclasses are aimed at high school students. The ages vary between 15 years and 19 years.

Do I need particle physics knowledge beforehand?

No, all you need for the exercises, you will learn during the day.

Where are they in 2015 nearby?

For more details on all participating institutes, see My Country. Some institutes publish a local agenda, which can be found here. The schedule for 2015 is here.

How do I apply?

Contact the participating institute closest to you.

Is there a participation fee?

No, participation in Masterclasses is free of charge.

Have there been Particle Physics Masterclasses before?

Yes, in 1997 the program started in the UK see report by Roger Barlow in CERN courier 2014. The next step happened in 2005, the World Year of Physics, when the program was organised in many European countries by EPPOG (European Particle Physics Outreach Group, since 2010: IPPOG, International Particle Physics Outreach Group). International Masterclasses 2005 were the first European-wide Masterclass event. In 2006, U.S. institutes joined the program. Today, International Masterclasses are held worldwide in 37 countries. Pictures, agendas and schedules of past events can be viewed here.

How to register?

Generally, participating students travel locally to the nearest institute taking part in the masterclasses program. Detailed conditions how to register can be found on the local registration links of the participating institutes. (Links from other institutes will follow)