International Particle Physics Outreach Group
Participating Institutes

University of Udine - INFN

Dipartimento di Fisica

University of Udine - INFN - INFN
Address Department of Physics
University of Udine
Via delle Scienze 208
I-33100 Udine
Phone +39(432)55-8210
Fax +39(432)55-8222
e-Mail Marina Cobal
Research & Teaching

At the Physics Department of the Udine University, the reaserch focuses on the physics of fundamental interactions, on astrophysics, and finally solid and applied physics and educational physics research.
At the Physics Department and INFN of Udine we study the elementary particle interactions. The research concentrates on the experimental aspects of the fundamental interactions physics. We study elementary particles and their interactions. Research focuses on physics of fundamental interactions and development of detector technologies and their application.
The experimental groups participate to experiments at the major accelerators and to astroparticle experiments.

Physics Education Research
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