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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen - Physikalisches Institut - Kepler Center for Astro and Particle Physics


Address Physikalisches Institut
Kepler Center für Astro und Teilchen-Physik

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Auf der Morgenstelle 14
D-72076 Tübingen, Deutschland
Phone +49 7071 297629
Fax +49 7071 295373
e-Mail Josef Jochum
Research & Teaching

The search for physics beyond the Standard Model is one of the main topics of research within the Particle Physics group at the Physikalisches Institut. Also the role of elementary particles in cosmology is being investigated, concentrating on research on the neutrino and its properties. The later is studied in neutrinoless double beta decay in the GERDA experiment. The experimental research on oscillations encompasses involvement in Double CHOOZ. Important components of the respective apparati were developed in Tübingen. CRESST and EURECA are the experiments for studies of dark matter in the universe via cryogenic detectors. Detector development is supported by means of a shallow underground laboratory and a 4MV accelerator belonging to the institute.

Further groups at the Physikalisches Insitut investigatwork in the field of nuclear physics (study of nuclear force via proton and photon induced reactions), in solid state physics (superconductivity) and quantum optics (Bose-Einstein condensate).

The Kepler Center for Astro and Particle Physics integrates scientists from Particle Physics and Astrophysics, both in experiment and theory. Common colloquia and lectures ammend favourably the program of the 4-year Bachelor education.

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