WIRED is an interactive and virtual laboratory environment for particle collisions. With WIRED you can study real collisions that have been registered in the DELPHI detector at CERN.

The collision is shown as a 3-dimensional picture that you can zoom and rotate with the help of the mouse. You can also select different subdetectors to be shown together with the picture of the collision.

The pages in the section "Wired help" explain how the different parts of WIRED works. Then ("Particle identification") come some pages that explain how different kinds of particles can be identified with the help of WIRED. In the section "Collision types" you find an interactive animation that show how different kinds of collisions looks like in the DELPHI detector.

WIRED itself is launched from the section "Collision library" in the chapter "Particle collisions". There you select which collisions to analyse. Please start WIRED already when you read through the help pages so that you easier can understand how WIRED works.