The animation shows a schematic picture of the Delphi detector seen from the side. The four kinds of subdetectors are shown in different colours.

To select which type of event to view, use the button labelled 'Event' above the detector. As soon as a type of event has been selected it is played in the detector. If you want to repeat the same kind of event, use the forward button in the control panel in the upper right corner.

You can also use the control panel to stop an animated sequence, or to step back and forth to study what happens in the current collision.

The textboxes to the right show an explanation of the event and a legend of the participating particles.

Now click on the link at the bottom of this page to start the animation. After a short while the opening picture will be shown in a separate window.

NOTE! If the new window is blank you have to upgrade to a new version of Adobe Shockwave Player from the homepage of Adobe.

Start the animation Collisions Types