In this section you can look at animated sequences of events were a Z particle decays into different kinds of particles. The animations show how the different types of particles produce signals in different subdetectors. This is a good preparation to understand how to analyse pictures in WIRED.

To be able to look at the animations you must have the program Shockwave Player installed in your Internet browser. If you not already have Shockwave Player you can install it from the homepage of Adobe. The size of animation file is about 100 kB and it takes about a minute to download it with a modem of standard speed.

When the animation file has been loaded is an opening picture with an illustration of LEP shown. In the upper right corner is a control panel with buttons to start, stop, and to step back and forth in the animation.

When this opening picture has been loaded, press the 'forward' button in the control panel to start the animation and show the Delphi detector.

NOTE: The text in the animation is in Swedish.