The Wired and the Hypatia programs are written in Java and Wired runs from your Internet browser (a so-called Java-applet) and Hypatia as a separate program. If your Internet browser is very old you will have to upgrade it to be able to run Wired. With this Link you can test if you have the newest Java version and when indicated you can update.

The size of Wired is about 200 kB and it takes about a minute to load Wired with a modem. Then it normally takes a short while for the Internet browser to initiate and start the program. Hypatia is a greater sized program (10 MB) and should not be used if you have a very slow internet connection.

In the following pages some exercises are defined. These can be solved by using Wired to analyse pictures of Z0 decays or WW decays.

The end of this chapter contains libraries with collisions to be loaded in Wired. The first page contains Z0 decays and the second WW decays.

Afterwards you can analyse some Z0 decays in Hypatia.