When you have studied the chapters " The Standard Model", "Accelerators", "Detectors" and "Picture analysis", you will have the knowledge needed to use the Wired (World Wide Web Interactive Remote Event Display) and Hypatia ( HYbrid Pupils Analysis Tool for Interactions in ATLAS) program in a creative way.

Wired is an interactive laboratory for particle collisions. You can use Wired to study real particle reactions from advanced particle experiments at CERN, the European Centre for Particle Physics, near Geneva.

Hypatia is another interactive laboratory environment for particle collisions but for the Atlas detector at the new, much more powerful Large Hadron Collider.

The chapter "Picture analysis" explains how to use Wired and Hypatia and how different kinds of particles can be identified. The programs themselves are launched from the section "Collision library" in the chapter "Particle collisions".

Please visit Wired and Hypatia (external program) before you begin studying the text material, so that you know what is waiting for you inside the virtual laboratory.