Hypatia is an another interactive laboratory environment for particle collisions. Here you can study events recorded in proton-proton-collisions with the Atlas detector at the Large Hadron Collider LHC.

The events in the Atlas detector can be displayed in end- and side-view. With the mouse you can zoom in and out. In contradiction to Wired all subdetectors are always visible. In proton-proton collisions at these large energies many more particles are generated than in electron-positron collisions at LEP. Therefore, you can often find many more tracks in Atlas than in the Delphi experiment. Individual tracks can be chosen separately with the pick tool. Also you can suppress tracks below a certain momentum threshold transverse to the incoming beams.

The pages in section Hypatia help explain how the different parts of Hypatia work. The particle identification is almost the same as in Wired.

The program Hypatia can be started in section Collision library LHC of the chapter Particle Collisions. For an easier understanding it could be useful to have already started the program before you read the help pages.